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The film Cherkasy tells a story of Myshko and Lev, two guys from Ukrainian countryside who find themselves on a Ukrainian military ship Cherkasy, located on the Crimean lake Donuzlav, when the annexation of the Crimea in 2014 was underway.

Directed by Tymur Yashchenko

Genre: military drama

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Свингеры 2

Genre: Romantic Comedy

Starring: Olha Poliakova, Mykhailo Kukuiuk, Dasha Astafyeva, Anna Salyvanchuk, Oleksii Vertynsky, Viacheslav Dovzhenko, Mykhailo Khoma

Director: Andres Ekis

The entire set of sound production works (synchronous sound recording, audio design, 5.1 mixing)

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11 Kids from Morshyn

According to a legend, Morshyn was founded on the place where a meteorite, rich in rare metal, osmium, once fell. Snizhana, a shopping mall director, decides to lay hands on the valuable site. But 11 kids from Morshyn, united in one team to fight the injustice, ruin her plans.

Interesting facts about the movie 11 Kids from Morshyn:

  • In 2018 11 Kids from Morshyn won in the first competition of patriotic films held by the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine.
  • According to the producer, he came up with the idea to shoot an adventure movie quite spontaneously, inspired by the legend about the Morshyn meteorite.

The Cinema Sound Production Studio did all the works on voicing and audio post-production for the film.

Kona fer i strid

Woman at War (Kona fer í stríð) is a 2018 Icelandic-Ukrainian comedy-drama film written, produced and directed by Benedikt Erlingsson, and starring Halldóra Geirharðsdóttir.

Following a premiere at 2018 Cannes Film Festival via the International Critics’ Week, it was released on 22 May 2018 to critical acclaim and was selected as the Icelandic entry for the Best Foreign Language Film at the 91st Academy Awards, but it was not nominated.

Halla, a choir conductor and eco-activist, plans to disrupt the operations of a Rio Tinto aluminium plant in the Icelandic highlands, purposely damaging electricity pylons and wires to cut their power supply.

One day, a long-forgotten application to adopt an orphan child from Ukraine is approved. At the same time, the government ramps up police and propaganda efforts in order to catch and discredit her. The film revolves around her attempts to reconcile her dangerous and illegal activism with the upcoming adoption.

Call Sign “Banderas”

Ukrainian military detective film by director Zaza Buadze. The screenplay, written by Serhii Dziuba and Artemii Kirsanov, is based on the diaries of the National Guard serviceman Serhii Bashkov with a call sign “Indian” and soldiers of the Anti-Terrorist Operation.

In autumn 2014 in the ATO area a group of intelligence officers headed by experienced Captain Sayenko (call sign “Banderas”) is trying to prevent an act of sabotage and neutralize Russian miner Khodok. The task gets even more complicated due to the proximity of the events to Banderas’s home village.

The film is a winner of the Ninth Competition Selection of the State Film Agency of Ukraine. On December 13, 2016 the State Film Agency signed a contract with the «Try-ya-da production» Company for 19.6 million hryvnias’ funding for the cinema project Call Sign Banderas. The film’s overall budget is 39.3 million hryvnias.

DZIDZIO Contrabass

The Cinema Sound Production Studio has accomplished the entire set of sound production works for the film Dzidzio Contrabass, which included on set sound recording, audio design, foley recording, editing, and post-dubbing in 5.1 format.

You can follow your dream on any transport, even if it is an old red Volkswagen Passat. Having a dream is most important thing.

Borrowing money from God, buying cigarettes, dressing like a priest, lying to mom, becoming a smuggler, organizing a funeral, helping to deliver a baby, and cover 12,000 kilometers of road. Dzidzio (Mykhailo Khoma) managed to do all those things during 1.5 hours of screen time.

Certainly, singers becoming actors is a common thing in the US. However, it’s quite a rare thing in present-day Ukrainian filmmaking industry. So, an incredibly popular Ukrainian singer DZIDZIO decided to follow suit by debuting in a comedy film DZIDZIO Contrabass.

Although it took a really short time, by Ukrainian measures, to shoot this movie, it immediately became a huge event in Ukraine and gathered a record number of viewers in the first week of screening, thus proving that it can compete even with the Hollywood pictures. Our sound recording studio “Tretyakoff production” contributed to the shooting process, which is why we want to share the exclusive details from beyond-the-scenes and help the readers understand what is so charming about this Ukrainian comedy.

Oleh Borshchevsky (a music video maker, an author of novellas from the almanac Kyiv, My Love, a screenwriter and director of the movie Nymph) was at the helm of the shooting process. The creators of the film made an emphasis on the authenticity, national colors, and peculiarities of everyday life of regular Ukrainians. Rather than showing the life of a regular big city, the movie focuses on remote places, such as villages. Contrabass positions itself as a movie for regular people about regular people, and that is something especially appealing about this picture. In his commentaries to the journalists, Dzidzio confirmed the concept, saying, “To be honest, the script is based on myself. In the movie, you will see the DZIDZIO you all know and love. We were not inventing anything, just showed stories from real life.”

More details and video

It is no secret to anyone that Mykhailo Khoma posseses an extraordinary talent of a comedy actor. In the movie, Dzidzio is exuberant, touching, natural, and funny, and he feels quite comfortable in the image he creates. His performance is an absolute success. There is a good reason for naming the film DZIDZIO Contrabass, rather than simply Contrabass. The performance of the leading actor totally justifies the emphasis he gets in the title. Actually, he is the main inspirer. Unmatched Olena Lavreniuk plays the adventurous character Aliona, the leading female role. The secondary roles are performed by Nazarii Huk (Yulyk), Orest Halytsky (Lamour), Serhii Pavuk, Rymma Ziubina, Volodymyr Horiansky, Oleksii Vertynsky, and Ihor Kondratiuk.

Volodymyr TRETYAKOV, the producer and director of the Cinema Sound Production Studio says that DZIDZIO Contrabass had to be completed in very short terms, “Our task was to create high-quality sound under complicated circumstances, when we had a small budget, were pressed in time, and yet we’ve succeeded. The movie gathered the total box office of over 20 million hryvnias.”

Regarding the behind-the-scenes moments, Tretyakov emphasized that he had hugely enjoyed working with Dzidzio, “We’re incredibly happy that he chose our sound recording studio. We hope it was not the last time we worked together and that Khoma will make other projects after Contrabass.”






Finally, it was an immense pleasure for the entire creative team of the Cinema Sound Production Studio to work on this project. Rest assured, no one will be left emotionless after watching the movie. The feeling of pride for the rapidly developing Ukrainian filmmaking industry might be another bonus the viewers will get from watching it.

Музыкальный продюсер Владимир Третьяков DZIDZIO Контрабас – это фильм о реальной Украине



Ukrainian mystic feature film Chunhul

Genre: Thriller

Details, photos, video, making process

At the film set of Chunhul

The Cinema Sound Production Studio accomplished the entire set of cinema works for the film Chunhul

Directors: Oleksandr Alioshechkin, Viacheslav Alioshechkin. Producers: Volodymyr Muntian, Oleksii Kashyn. Cameramen: Oleksandr Alioshechkin, Serhii Diomin



Украинское кино в данный момент переживает эпоху Возрождения! Одна за другой выходят картины –от документальных до массово –развлекательных. Одним их таких и является фильм режиссера и автора сценария Александра Беляка «Конкурсант» посвящённый закулисью вокальных и иных шоу.

Наша студия звукозаписи «Cinema sound production»  выполнила работы по звуковому оформлению, тонировке, записи актеров сведению микса в формате Surround 5.1

Так что вся наша творческая команда с большим энтузиазмом и вдохновением трудилась над созданием этой картины!

В фильме идет речь о вокальном конкурсе «Голос страны» …Его победитель, Тарас Майстренко, возвращается к своей обыденной жизни, где он является аналитиком какой-то компании. Но вот незадача, женщину из состава жюри, убивают, а главным подозреваемым становится главный герой – Тарас…И только его природная доброта и искренность, доверие друзьям и девушке станут спасительным якорем в бушующем океане нашей жизни.

Подробности и видео

Стоит заметить, что «Конкурсант» это мюзикл, в котором все переплетено, музыка придает ему динамики и драйва. Кстати, свои композиции в фильме исполнили группы «Номер 482″ и «Деньги вперёд».

Собственно говоря, и детективная линия здесь для того, чтобы обыграть вечную историю про всепобеждающую любовь и дружбу!

Главные герои  картины Сергей Маслов  и Яна Ройхман отлично справились в возложенной задачей –герои вышли очень реалистичными и чувственными.

В эпизодах удачно сыграли и звезды – Александр Пономарев, Даша Астафьева и Борис Барский. Также в фильме участвовали звезды музыкального шоу канала «1+1» «Голос Країни» — Антон Копытин, Татьяна Решетняк,Феликс Шиндер и Анис Еттаеб.

В итоге получился неплохой фильм, который безусловно развлечет зрителя.

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