Foley FX Recording

We offer a wide range of mixing and foley (synchronous sound) sound recording:

We have been working for many clients in the Ukraine,Deutschland and all over the world and with each step we are walking for them we are dedicated to produce a foley sound that puts a smile onto the dubbing mixers face.

And we think that even if a project is on a very tight budget, it should benefit from our foley production. Therefore we keep our rates competitive.


  • Foley recording in studio;
  • Sound recording outdoors;
  • Editing and post-dubbing studio complex;
  • Pro tools system of sound recording;
  • Microphones Sennheiser 418.DPA 4011. Neuman TLM-103 Shure KSM 141, etc.


  • Genelec 8050 studio monitors
  • Preamplifiers Summit audio MPC-100A. Long stereo Shannel
  • Post-dubbing studio
  • Sand, gravy, asphalt, wood, water, tiles, parquet flooring, laminate flooring sounds, etc.