• Sound Design, Foley, Special Sound SFX/FX, Mixing (Cinema/TV/Advertising)
  • Dolby Digital Encoding in all Formats (Cinema) Dolby Atmos
  • Tone/Video fine cut (Cinema/TV/Advertising)
  • Sound Tracs (Cinema/TV/Advertising)
  • Actors Casting/ Voices Base
  • DCP 3D/2D
  • Source Connect

Cinema Sound Production is a big studio complex with 20-year-long work experience in the sphere of sound recording, postproduction, and mixing films and music in the formats Surround 5.1/7.1, Dolby Atmos, and stereo. We perform all audio works for film production. The studio consists of five microphone recording rooms, Dolby studio with a big screen and 4K projector, Dolby RMU  processor, and JBL acoustics with mixing consol AVID S6M40.

The studio offers high-quality works on re-recording of films, post-dubbing, foley recording, audio design and film mixing in 5.1/7.1. Recording of music and movie sound tracks with the possibility of further Dolby Digital and DCP coding.

The services include sound recording and mixing; foley recording; sound recording and mixing in 7.1 or Dolby Atmos for film industry; sound recording on set.

We use our many-year-long work experience to achieve the best possible result.


Our lab performs DCP mastering and remastering with key generation (KDMS) for movie theaters’ servers.



We offer the following services:

  • Foley recording
  • Post-dubbing
  • Sound recording on set for films
  • Music for movies
  • Trailer editing
  • Movie translation
  • Casting of actors
  • Titles/Subtitles
  • DCP KDMS Key coding
  • Synchronous sound recording