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Where’s the money?

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В конце октября украинский зритель сможет насладиться очередной комедией производства DZIDZIOFILM – “?”. Приключенческая комедия-квест появится на больших экранах уже 21 октября!

В центре сюжета пианист-аферист Миша (Михаил Хома ака DZIDZIO), которому срочно понадобились деньги для того, чтобы вызволить своего друга из-под ареста. Он устраивается на работу к пожилой женщине, в доме которой спрятаны деньги ее покойного мужа. Но есть проблема, кроме Миши деньги ищут еще и другие герои.


“Anton” is the last film of Zaza Urushadze! Zaza Urushadze was nominated for an Oscar! The film is set in 1919 in the German colony of Hildendorf near Odessa. A German family lives there quietly – Nicholas, Christina and their children: the elder Johan, ten-year-old Anton and his younger sister Emma. Their peaceful life is disturbed by the arrival of the Bolsheviks. Hunger and death set in. All this is happening in front of Anton and his friend Jacob, who is just beginning to learn about life

Other Franko

The Cinema Sound Production Studio has done a set of works for the historical biopic Other Franko, which tells about writer Ivan Franko’s younger brother Petro, an interesting and mysterious personality. Broad public has started to take interest in Petro’s biography only recently.

The film was directed by Ihor Vysnevsky. It stars Ukrainian sex symbols, Akhtem Seitablayev and Vyacheslav Dovzhenko, who played the leading roles.

Petro’s biography is full of mysteries and adventures. He was a pilot who stood at the beginning of Ukrainian military aviation, as well as one of the founders of the Plast Scouting Organization of Ukraine, and a deputy of the USSR Supreme Soviet.

The film’s plot is based on historical events, basically, one day from Petro’s life, June 21, 1941, when he disappeared without trace.

Heroes and Cowards

The Cinema Sound Production Studio has done a set of works for a new film by German director Harald Franklin, Heroes and Cowards.

The director has involved Ukrainian actors for the most of the roles in his film, something that’s been gradually becoming more and more frequent, since it is considered that Ukraine traditionally has a good school of acting.

Heroes and Cowards is an action films that focuses on the subject of international terrorism. Harald Franklin, in his own specific manner, presents his view on this evil, which is widespread throughout the world.

What will the heroes do when their close people find themselves on the opposite sides of the barricades? Who will act as a coward, and who will retain their moral courage? What can one sacrifice for the person they care about?